The other day (10/06/2016) I got the opportunity to fly my loved PC-6 for a short position flight and I didn’t wanted to skip the chance to share it with you.

First thing in the morning we wake up and we go to LELL to pick up the PC-6 EC-LZI so we can start the activity dropping some crazy people who is looking to have a fun day (sure they are going to get it)


We took the plane out of the hangar and I said goodbye to Ariel who droved me there and was going back with the car.

I was alone.

I love the feeling of flying alone with a plane it’s like freedom, calm, excitement and love, everything together.

Requested start up the engine, received a transponder, taxi and called ready for departure. I got clearance for line up and hold, and finally cleared to take off, out to say that with the PC-6 and alone, the take-off run was really short and in an instant I was flying…

Had to do some deviation on my route, because the November point was reserved for incoming traffic, so I went over the whiskey point and handed over to BCN control, from here I was cleared to go directly to LEMS, I traced with my GPS a direct to Manresa and immediately the controller asked me which level I wanted to climb, since I was going alone and was a position flight, 3000 ft were more than enough and I could contemplate the wonderful view.

What I didn’t told you before, was that on Manresa there was a dense fog when we left earlier with the car, so what I saw was a wonderful view, see it for yourself.

Entering the valley where Manresa is located with Montserrat mountain to the left.

left view fog

The next one is taken following the previous one and showing the front view

frontal view fog

immediately the right view where you can see Sabadell


Obviously before departure we called the dropzone to confirm that the fog went away at the aerodrome.

In the following, I am headed north and you can see Manresa on the front of the plane and the aerodrome is located to the northeast of the city.


it was a short but lovely flight, I hope you liked the pictures.

See you soon.